11 Years of Near-Daily Bouncing

I have been rebounding – bouncing up and down on a high-quality rebounder or “mini-trampoline” – for eleven years on a near-daily basis. With average sessions of about 45 minutes, I have found rebounding to be a fun, safe, easy, consistently enjoyable, and highly effective form of exercise.

By listening to music with a good beat, my rebounding time passes quickly and ecstatically. Since a quality rebounder takes about 85% of one’s weight, I’ve been able to avoid repetitive stress injury to my joints and soft tissue, despite intense daily workouts. (Unfortunately, in any given year, roughly half of all serious runners injure themselves.)

I have a set of “basic bounces” that I tend to do every workout, including twists, arm circles, jumping jacks, running in place (you can really pump your legs high!), one-legged bouncing, and working with hand weights (for a great upper body workout). I also improvise, going with the beat, and come up with some new moves nearly every session.

Physical and Metaphysical Benefits

Rebounding works on many levels. Physical benefits include the strengthening of the immune system through increased lymph flow; aerobic, cardio, and respiratory training benefits; and increases in strength, coordination, balance, and flexibility. Other claims are made for rebounding based on the acceleration of the body past one gee-force – and I do think that there’s something to this – but to date there’s no hard proof.

Just as important as the physical benefits, when attention is placed on breath and the life force known as “chi” or “prana,” rebounding can easily become a form of inner practice that incorporates meditation, breath work, visualization, mudras, and so on. I am hopeful that many individuals with bodywork, healing, and athletic knowledge will make substantial contributions to the SuperBound® Project.

Resources: Current and Coming

If you are interested in rebound exercise generally, see the Wikipedia article on "Rebound Exercise."

If you would like to learn about my approach to rebounding, called the SuperBound® approach, please take a look at SuperBound® GuideBook # 1, which you can purchase now in .pdf form (soon to come as a proper e-book and in softcover format).

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