The Magic of Dedicated Enthusiasm

Whenever I fully dedicate my "enthusiasm" or the "god possessing" part of myself to an endeavor, the likelihood of real magic occurring – of powerful synergies and synchronicities producing exceptional results – dramatically increases.

I’ve frequently explored the magic of dedicated enthusiasm. As The Practical Wordsmith, I’ve birthed innovative treatises on diverse technical subjects. As Enlightenment.Com’s Founder and CEO, I brought forth the first audio interview with the philosopher Ken Wilber. And as a devotee of human potential, I’ve pioneered the use of rebound exercise as a fun, safe, and highly effective transformational technology.

My modus operandi? To determine what actually works, here and now, by studying with an open heart, and then experimenting with an open mind. In this spirit, I dedicate the magic of my enthusiasm to the reader's own sacred quest, whatever that may be.

There is, of course, a great deal more to me.

I am a father, husband, son, brother, uncle, nephew, lover, community member, and great fan of felines. I have formally studied several subjects - philosophy, public policy analysis and administration, law, Tae Kwon Do - and many more informally, especially concerning human potential, enlightenment, and spirituality.

I enjoy many things, from movies and science fiction to Broadway shows and classic/mystical rock (Bowie, the Moody Blues, the Beatles, and now Leonard Cohen). I collect minerals (my Russian "Chinga" meteorite is a beauty), and delight in new electronic gadgetry.

In a typical week I'll ride my bike a few times, walk a good deal, take a Pilates class, and of course, rebound daily. I adore Frisbees, table tennis, and pinball machines. I like to hike, and I've been fortunate enough to travel a good deal in the U.S. and Canada, and a bit in Europe. Burning Man rocks.

In many ways I'm quite average, and in a few others, I need some remedial work. (Don't ask me to tie knots or sew.) In the areas where I reliably excel - writing, interviewing, organizing information, naming, idea creation - nothing pleases me more than assisting others.